Friday, 14 September 2012


Learning bao on the beach from Happiness
So far, I have learnt Bao from a guy called Happiness, drank beer with a guy called Sunshine. We’ve had a serious discussion about the fact that there are two guys called Cheese on Toast (I sh!t you not) in Malawi (one based in Lilongwe and one based in Cape McClear in case you were wondering) and we’ve also moaned the fact that there is a guy named Jacket Potato who lives in Mzuzu that I have yet to meet. Fear not, Jacket Potato is currently visiting his parents. 

Now to explain the names, most of these guys are rastas/ artists in town or on the lake and so they pick their Rasta name. As far as we can see their real names are Jimmy!

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  1. Nice one,
    charming with locals,
    good luck
    You are welcomed to Zanzibar too