Friday, 21 December 2012

12 pubs of Mzuzu

Whenever I find myself away from home at Christmas, there are certain things that help me through the festive season. Certain traditions I bring from home. Surrounding myself with good people, eating way too much food, having a tree and listening to Christmas songs and of course, the ever traditional "12 pubs of Christmas".

Pub one!
Ah the 12 pubs. A tradition that involves groups of people dressing up in the tackiest Christmas jumpers they can find and having an alcoholic beverage at 12 different establishments over the course of the day. Few will make all 12 venues without faltering. With this in mind, the 12 pubs of Mzuzu was born. As Elaine's second last weekend in Malawi and the weekend after my birthday it was really a triple celebration. And so, the facebook event was set up, a route was drawn up, and our very own "12 days of Christmas" song was composed. And so the countdown began!

We had Ciara and her friends travelling up from Lilongwe for the 12 pubs, Jay travelling down from Karonga, Ross and Cam coming from near Nkhata Bay, Melissa from Chinteche and Josh from Mzimba.

Malawians getting on board
I won't bore you with a blow-by-blow account of the day but some of the highlights include: an epic water fight with two French Canadian children, slap shots in the forecourt of a filling station, carol singing while walking the streets, people bedecked in tinsel, Malawians looking VERY confused and then wanting to be part of our group and dancing in the Zoo to Mmmmmbop at 3am. As Ross put it, "It was the best day I've ever had in this country", and he's been here for 16 months!

 Needless to say the following day involved very little: lounging on Elaine's lawn while Jay made breakfast, watching "The Dark Knight Rises" at Sara's and falling asleep to Skyfall! Monday also got off to a slow start with Sara, Elaine and I all showing up at least an hour late for work. A great weekend by all accounts and one that will become an annual event!

Quote of the  day: "The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends." Shirley MacLaine

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